5G-LENA nr-v3.0-32-g83aee33
The 5G/NR module for the ns-3 simulator
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Member anonymous_namespace{file-scenario-helper.cc}::PlotDeployment (const Ptr< const ListPositionAllocator > &sitePositioner, const Ptr< const ListPositionAllocator > &utPositioner, const std::size_t numSectors, const double maxRadius, const double effIsd)
: Need to recalculate ranges if the scenario origin is different to (0,0)
Class ns3::FileScenarioHelper
Documentation, tests
Class ns3::NrAmc
Pass NrAmc parameters through RRC, and don't pass pointers to AMC between GNB and UE
Class ns3::NrGnbMac
fill gnb-mac general information doxygen part