ns3::DlHarqInfo struct

A struct that contains info for the DL HARQ.

http://www.eurecom.fr/~kaltenbe/fapi-2.0/structDlInfoListElement__s.html Note: This should really be called DlInfoListElement ...

Base classes

struct HarqInfo
Store information about HARQ.

Public types

enum HarqStatus { ACK, NACK, NONE }
Status of the DL Harq: ACKed or NACKed.

Public functions

auto IsReceivedOk() const -> bool override

Public variables

std::vector<enum HarqStatus> m_harqStatus
HARQ status.
std::vector<uint8_t> m_numRetx
Num of Retx.

Function documentation

bool ns3::DlHarqInfo::IsReceivedOk() const override

Returns true if the HARQ should be eliminated, since the info has been correctly received