User Equipment classes » User Equipment MAC classes module

Grouping of the UE MAC related classes.


class ns3::NrMacHeaderFs
Mac Fixed-Size Header.
class ns3::NrMacHeaderFsDl
Mac fixed-size Header for DL.
class ns3::NrMacHeaderFsUl
Mac fixed-size Header for UL.
class ns3::NrMacHeaderVs
Mac variable-size Header.
class ns3::NrMacHeaderVsDl
Mac variable-size Header for DL.
class ns3::NrMacHeaderVsUl
Mac variable-size Header for UL.
struct ns3::NrMacPduInfo
Used to track the MAC PDU with the slot in which has to go, and the DCI that generated it.
class ns3::NrMacShortBsrCe
BSR control element.
class ns3::NrPhySapProvider
SAP interface between the MAC and the PHY.
class ns3::NrUeMac
The MAC class for the UE.
class ns3::NrUePhySapUser
SAP interface between the UE PHY and the UE MAC.