5G-LENA nr-v3.0-32-g83aee33
The 5G/NR module for the ns-3 simulator
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g-Node-B classes

Grouping of the gNb-related classes. More...

+ Collaboration diagram for g-Node-B classes:


 g-Node-B BWP management classes
 Grouping of the gNb BWP management related classes.
 g-Node-B MAC classes
 Grouping of the gNb MAC related classes.
 g-Node-B PHY classes
 Grouping of the gNb physical layer related classes.
 g-Node-B scheduler classes
 NR-enabled schedulers module.


class  ns3::NrGnbNetDevice
 The NrGnbNetDevice class. More...
class  ns3::NrNetDevice
 The NrNetDevice class. More...
class  ns3::nrUeRrcProtocolIdeal
 RRC message passing from the UE to the GNB. More...

Detailed Description

Grouping of the gNb-related classes.