g-Node-B classes » g-Node-B PHY classes module

Grouping of the gNb physical layer related classes.


class ns3::BeamManager
Antenna array management.
class ns3::CellScanBeamforming
The CellScanBeamforming class.
class ns3::CellScanBeamformingAzimuthZenith
The CellScanBeamformingAzimuthZenith class.
class ns3::CellScanQuasiOmniBeamforming
The CellScanQuasiOmniBeamforming class.
class ns3::DirectPathBeamforming
The DirectPathBeamforming class.
class ns3::DirectPathQuasiOmniBeamforming
The QuasiOmniDirectPathBeamforming class.
class ns3::IdealBeamformingAlgorithm
Generate "Ideal" beamforming vectors.
class ns3::NrGnbPhy
The gNb physical layer.
class ns3::NrGnbPhySapUser
SAP interface between the ENB PHY and the ENB MAC.
class ns3::NrPhy
The base class for gNb and UE physical layer.
class ns3::NrPhySapProvider
SAP interface between the MAC and the PHY.
class ns3::NrSpectrumPhy
Interface between the physical layer and the channel.
struct ns3::NrSpectrumSignalParametersDlCtrlFrame
DL CTRL signal representation for the module.
struct ns3::NrSpectrumSignalParametersUlCtrlFrame
UL CTRL signal representation for the module.
class ns3::OptimalCovMatrixBeamforming
The OptimalCovMatrixBeamforming class not implemented yet. TODO The idea was to port one of the initial beamforming methods that were implemented in NYU/University of Padova mmwave module. Method is based on a long term covariation matrix.
class ns3::QuasiOmniDirectPathBeamforming
The QuasiOmniDirectPathBeamforming class.
class ns3::RealisticBeamformingAlgorithm
Generate "Real" beamforming vectors This class is inherited by all algorithms that do not assume the perfect knowledge of the channel, but instead are performing the estimation of the channel based on measurements, e.g., based on SRS SINR/SNR measurement.
class ns3::RealisticBfManager
Antenna array management.