Examples module

Usage examples of the NR module.

If you are unsure how to use the NR module, we provide some examples that may help you.


file cttc-3gpp-channel-example.cc
Channel Example.
file cttc-3gpp-channel-nums-fdm.cc
Frequency division multiplexing example, with TDD and FDD.
file cttc-3gpp-channel-nums.cc
Simple topology numerologies example.
file cttc-3gpp-channel-simple-fdm.cc
Simple frequency division multiplexing example.
file cttc-3gpp-channel-simple-ran.cc
Simple RAN.
file cttc-3gpp-indoor-calibration.cc
Simulation script for the NR-MIMO Phase 1 system-level calibration.
file cttc-channel-randomness.cc
file cttc-error-model-amc.cc
Error model example with adaptive modulation and coding: 1 gNB and 1 UE, multiple packets with non-varying fading conditions.
file cttc-error-model-comparison.cc
Error model example comparison: TBS for all MCSs.
file cttc-error-model.cc
Error model example with fixed MCS: 1 gNB and 1 UE, multiple packets with varying fading conditions.
file cttc-fh-compression.cc
A multi-cell network deployment with site sectorization.
file cttc-lte-ca-demo.cc
Example for setting LTE CA scenario.
file cttc-nr-cc-bwp-demo.cc
Creates a NR TDD deployment with a configurable number of sites, UEs, downlink and uplink flows.
file cttc-nr-demo.cc
A cozy, simple, NR demo (in a tutorial style)
file cttc-nr-mimo-demo.cc
A cozy, simple, NR MIMO demo (in a tutorial style)
file cttc-nr-notching.cc
Creates a configurable NR TDD/FDD deployment with up to 2 gNBs, for testing a notching mask.
file rem-beam-example.cc
Rem beam configuration example.
file rem-example.cc
REM Creation Example.