Propagation models » Error models module

Error models for the NR module.

The error models are used for calculating the error probability after a packet is received (in the class NrSpectrumPhy) but also can be used for calculating the best MCS to use before a transmission (in the class NrAmc). Please take a look to the documentation of these classes if you wish to get more information about their operations.

The error model interface is defined in the class NrErrorModel. Each model should implement the pure virtual functions defined there, to be ready to work with the spectrum and the amc.

The main output of an error model is a subclass of NrErrorModelOutput. The spectrum will take care of creating a vector of all instances returned by the error model for the same transmission (e.g., after a retransmission of the original transmission), in order to create an "history" of the outputs returned by the model.


class ns3::LenaErrorModel
LENA error model.
class ns3::NrAmc
Adaptive Modulation and Coding class for the NR module.
class ns3::NrEesmCc
The NrEesmCc class.
class ns3::NrEesmCcT1
The NrEesmCcT1 class.
class ns3::NrEesmCcT2
The NrEesmCcT2 class.
class ns3::NrEesmErrorModel
Eesm error model.
struct ns3::NrEesmErrorModelOutput
The NrEesmErrorModelOutput struct.
class ns3::NrEesmIr
Eesm error model, based on the IR HARQ.
class ns3::NrEesmIrT1
The NrEesmIrT1 class.
class ns3::NrEesmIrT2
The NrEesmIrT2 class.
struct ns3::NrEesmT1
The NrEesmT1 struct.
struct ns3::NrEesmT2
The NrEesmT2 struct.
class ns3::NrErrorModel
Interface for calculating the error probability for a transport block.
struct ns3::NrErrorModelOutput
Store the output of an NRErrorModel.
class ns3::NrHarqPhy
HARQ functionalities for the PHY layer.
class ns3::NrLteMiErrorModel
struct ns3::NrLteMiErrorModelOutput
The NrLteMiErrorModelOutput struct Error model output returned by the class NrLteMiErrorModel.