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The 5G/NR module for the ns-3 simulator
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ns3::IdealBeamformingAlgorithm Class Referenceabstract

Generate "Ideal" beamforming vectors. More...

#include "ideal-beamforming-algorithm.h"

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Public Member Functions

virtual BeamformingVectorPair GetBeamformingVectors (const Ptr< NrSpectrumPhy > &gnbSpectrumPhy, const Ptr< NrSpectrumPhy > &ueSpectrumPhy) const =0
 Function that generates the beamforming vectors for a pair of communicating devices.

Static Public Member Functions

static TypeId GetTypeId ()
 Get the type id.

Detailed Description

Generate "Ideal" beamforming vectors.

IdealBeamformingAlgorithm purpose is to generate beams for the pair of communicating devices.

Algorithms that inherit this class assume a perfect knowledge of the channel, because of which this group of algorithms is called "ideal".

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Definition at line 34 of file ideal-beamforming-algorithm.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBeamformingVectors()

virtual BeamformingVectorPair ns3::IdealBeamformingAlgorithm::GetBeamformingVectors ( const Ptr< NrSpectrumPhy > &  gnbSpectrumPhy,
const Ptr< NrSpectrumPhy > &  ueSpectrumPhy 
) const
pure virtual

Function that generates the beamforming vectors for a pair of communicating devices.

[in]gnbSpectrumPhygNb spectrum phy instance
[in]ueSpectrumPhyUE spectrum phy instance

Implemented in ns3::CellScanBeamforming, ns3::CellScanBeamformingAzimuthZenith, ns3::CellScanQuasiOmniBeamforming, ns3::DirectPathBeamforming, ns3::QuasiOmniDirectPathBeamforming, ns3::DirectPathQuasiOmniBeamforming, and ns3::OptimalCovMatrixBeamforming.

◆ GetTypeId()

TypeId ns3::IdealBeamformingAlgorithm::GetTypeId ( )

Get the type id.

the type id of the class

Definition at line 31 of file ideal-beamforming-algorithm.cc.

Referenced by ns3::IdealBeamformingHelper::SetBeamformingMethod().

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