5G-LENA nr-v3.0-32-g83aee33
The 5G/NR module for the ns-3 simulator
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ns3::GridScenarioHelper Class Reference

The GridScenarioHelper class. More...

#include "grid-scenario-helper.h"

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Public Member Functions

 GridScenarioHelper ()
 ~GridScenarioHelper () override
int64_t AssignStreams (int64_t stream)
void CreateScenario () override
 Create the scenario, with the configured parameter.
void SetColumns (uint32_t c)
void SetHorizontalBsDistance (double d)
void SetRows (uint32_t r)
void SetScenarioHeight (double m)
void SetScenarioLength (double m)
void SetStartingPosition (const Vector &initialPos)
 Set starting position of the grid.
void SetVerticalBsDistance (double d)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::NodeDistributionScenarioInterface
 ~NodeDistributionScenarioInterface () override
double GetAntennaOrientationDegrees (std::size_t cellId) const
 Returns the orientation in degrees of the antenna array for the given cellId. The orientation is the azimuth angle of the antenna bore sight.
double GetAntennaOrientationRadians (std::size_t cellId) const
 Returns the orientation in radians of the antenna array for the given cellId.
Vector GetAntennaPosition (const Vector &sitePos, uint16_t cellId) const
 Returns the position of the cell antenna.
const NodeContainer & GetBaseStations () const
 Get the list of gnb/base station nodes.
uint16_t GetCellIndex (std::size_t ueId) const
 Get the cell (base station) index the queried UE id belongs to.
std::size_t GetNumCells () const
 Gets the total number of cells deployed.
std::size_t GetNumSites () const
 Gets the number of sites with cell base stations.
uint16_t GetSectorIndex (std::size_t cellId) const
 Get the sector index the queried cell id belongs to.
uint16_t GetSiteIndex (std::size_t cellId) const
 Gets the site index the queried cell id belongs to.
const NodeContainer & GetUserTerminals () const
 Get the list of user nodes.
void SetBsNumber (std::size_t n)
 Set the number of base stations.
void SetSitesNumber (std::size_t n)
 Set number of sites/towers.
void SetUtNumber (std::size_t n)
 Set the number of UT/UE.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::ScenarioParameters
virtual ~ScenarioParameters ()
uint32_t GetNumSectorsPerSite () const
 Gets the number of sectors per site.
void SetBsHeight (double h)
void SetRMaParameters ()
 Sets rural Macro scenario parameters.
void SetScenarioParameters (const ScenarioParameters &scenario)
 Sets parameters to the specified scenario.
void SetScenarioParameters (const std::string &scenario)
 Sets parameters to the specified scenario.
void SetSectorization (SiteSectorizationType numSectors)
 Sets the number of sectors of every site.
void SetSectorization (uint32_t numSectors)
 Sets the number of sectors of every site.
void SetUMaParameters ()
 Sets the Urban Macro (UMa) scenario parameters.
void SetUMiParameters ()
 Sets the Urban Micro (UMi) scenario parameters.
void SetUtHeight (double h)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ns3::ScenarioParameters
enum  SiteSectorizationType { NONE = 0 , SINGLE = 1 , TRIPLE = 3 }
 Type of site sectorization. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from ns3::ScenarioParameters
double m_antennaOffset {-1.0}
 Cell antenna offset in meters w.r.t. site location.
double m_bsHeight {-1.0}
 Height of gNB nodes.
double m_isd {-1.0}
 Inter-site distance (ISD) in meters.
double m_minBsUtDistance {-1.0}
 Minimum distance between BS and UT in meters.
SiteSectorizationType m_sectorization {NONE}
 Number of sectors per site.
double m_utHeight {-1.0}
 Height of UE nodes.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ns3::ScenarioParameters
static double MAX_ANTENNA_OFFSET = 1
- Protected Attributes inherited from ns3::NodeDistributionScenarioInterface
NodeContainer m_bs
 Base stations.
std::size_t m_numBs
 Number of base stations to create.
std::size_t m_numSites
 Number of sites with base stations.
std::size_t m_numUt
 Number of user terminals to create.
NodeContainer m_ut
 User Terminals.

Detailed Description

The GridScenarioHelper class.

TODO: Documentation, tests

Definition at line 23 of file grid-scenario-helper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GridScenarioHelper()

ns3::GridScenarioHelper::GridScenarioHelper ( )


Definition at line 21 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

◆ ~GridScenarioHelper()

ns3::GridScenarioHelper::~GridScenarioHelper ( )


Definition at line 30 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AssignStreams()

int64_t ns3::GridScenarioHelper::AssignStreams ( int64_t  stream)

Assign a fixed random variable stream number to the random variables used by this model. Return the number of streams (possibly zero) that have been assigned.

streamfirst stream index to use
the number of stream indices assigned by this model

Definition at line 152 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

◆ CreateScenario()

void ns3::GridScenarioHelper::CreateScenario ( )

Create the scenario, with the configured parameter.

After this call, GetGnbs and GetUes will return the containers with the nodes created and positioned.

Implements ns3::NodeDistributionScenarioInterface.

Definition at line 77 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

References ns3::NodeDistributionScenarioInterface::m_bs, ns3::ScenarioParameters::m_bsHeight, ns3::NodeDistributionScenarioInterface::m_numBs, ns3::NodeDistributionScenarioInterface::m_numUt, ns3::NodeDistributionScenarioInterface::m_ut, and ns3::ScenarioParameters::m_utHeight.

◆ SetColumns()

void ns3::GridScenarioHelper::SetColumns ( uint32_t  c)


Definition at line 53 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

◆ SetHorizontalBsDistance()

void ns3::GridScenarioHelper::SetHorizontalBsDistance ( double  d)


Definition at line 35 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

◆ SetRows()

void ns3::GridScenarioHelper::SetRows ( uint32_t  r)


Definition at line 47 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

◆ SetScenarioHeight()

void ns3::GridScenarioHelper::SetScenarioHeight ( double  m)

Definition at line 71 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

◆ SetScenarioLength()

void ns3::GridScenarioHelper::SetScenarioLength ( double  m)

Definition at line 65 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

◆ SetStartingPosition()

void ns3::GridScenarioHelper::SetStartingPosition ( const Vector &  initialPos)

Set starting position of the grid.

[in]initialPosThe starting position vector (x, y, z), where z is ignored.

Definition at line 59 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

◆ SetVerticalBsDistance()

void ns3::GridScenarioHelper::SetVerticalBsDistance ( double  d)


Definition at line 41 of file grid-scenario-helper.cc.

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